Singapore Seminar

On Sunday 23rd April David Shihan was hosted in Singapore to teach a Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu Seminar. Many thanks to Ramlan Ortega Shihan, Emma Idzura Sensei and Kelvin Kong Sensei of Aikido Shudokan International for making all the arrangements and particularly to the 20 plus participants who attended on the day.

It was a great turnout with participants including some very experienced practitioners of Kenjutsu, Iaido, Aikido, Taekwondo and others. The seminar initially focused on the history of the Shinto Muso Ryu and then worked through the fundamentals of Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu particularly within the Koryu context.

We are planning that this becomes a regular event and we look forward to providing support to the many interested martial artists and community members in Singapore.